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toma's Another Sky ep.!! & other shows where...he has a long talk w/shun & masaki, is madly in love with a girl (4 a skit!), & plays games on VS ARASHI SP! ^_~

i just wanted to make sure i get the post date to be april, just in case i can't finish before may starts!! xD omg, blogger has a new look. i don't like it!! o_o after nearly 5 yrs of blogging....i'm so used to the old look!! why change it now? *sigh* wish i had screencapped the old dashboard. i guess i might have, but no idea where it is... but i guess it's good that blogger is trying to update its look and try to compete with all the other blogging sites. i hope blogger is still pretty popular and is never closed down or something!! x_x gah, i should not think about such things now, i'll have a nightmare! going 2 sleep. good nite~ ^-^
okie...that's all 4 now. oh, hopefully this means i can properly edit my posts and posting pics will be faster?? oy, these text colors are no good though! o__o i think i'll still do the whole post at LJ and then copy and paste here... =T oh, this is post #497!!! almost 500!!!!!
ok! it's may 1st, but the post is finally done!! yesssss!!! ^_^  enjoy....~_~

april is hanami time in japan! ~__~ if you are like me and can't go have a picnic beneath the pink cherry blossoms in japan, what's the next best thing? go hanami at nakamise street in pico!! lol... ( go here if u dunno what i'm talking about. xD) actually april is over and so is hanami time i guess, but i thought i should mention it. xD before i forget, ryuusei (toma's younger brother) got his own program, called "Ikuta-kun, Hi!" that started in april! he will interview various celebrities, and i hope eventually he'll interview toma! hahaha.

also, Bokura Ga Ita promoting time is over (except for maybe a few events left, like the special stage greeting in may). =( i’m going to miss all this BRI promoting and seeing toma on so many tv shows!! won't miss seeing toma and yuriko together so much, though! xD but it’ll be kind of a relief to not have so many toma stuff that i need to DL and watch (i still haven't watched so many of them! -___-). xD and of course toma needs to get some rest after this long campaign! he said around april 28, they’ll stop promoting the movie. after that he’ll probably take a break, but afterwards i hope he’ll have a drama or some kind of interesting new project!!!! ~__~

oh, we now have 540 MEMBERS AT TOMA'S ROOM!!! yeyyyy!!! ^o^ thank you, kavya, for noticing when it went past 500 and also for sharing toma video clips at the ikuta_toma community as well, which got us a lot of new members!! *hugssss* ~_~ well, recently i copied jamie's idea (her tokyo blog is check it out! ^.^) of requiring a certain number of comments before posting something people want to see (in our case, it's the link to DL toma's video clips/other stuff). i'm so happy that because of this rule, we got a record 150 comments on kavya's post about toma's Another Sky program!! su~geh!!!! *___* ureshii neeeee.♥ and the recent posts have gotten over 70 and 90 comments!

and i'm still slowly updating my toma fic (use the 'fanfic' tag at my LJ to find it). whew...up to the 16th chapter now!! but it's nice to have my own little fantasy world with toma, gakky, and yamapi. xD and i found many pretty locations for them (that i will definitely go to 1 day!) and it's nice to create my own love story and come up with romantic stuff for them to do. ^_~

umm...what else. i'm really happy i got a bokura ga ita booklet from japan, thanks to jamie! and i also got to buy the MORE magazine with toma's super gorgeous pics and it also came with a cute blue floral bag! you can see pics of them and my pink-chan + other japanese food/cute things at mitsuwa or some toma-related stuff too, at my LJ!
pink-chan is at mizza's university now!!
our kitty (temporarily)... ^.^
my lovely Bokura Ga Ita movie/manga booklet from tokyo. ~_~
i got the MORE magazine!! + other mitsuwa pics.....xD
i really want this (toma) magazine!! + random pics (pink-chan!! ^^) from a while back...
*PICSPAM* mostly yummy food...cute stuff...the moon...and mitsuwa

(credit: ikutakashima)
.......................... toma's messages 
i'll just talk about some of the interesting things toma said in his jweb here, but remember if you want to read all his messages, go to to read them! ~_~ 

on april fool's day, toma played a joke on everyone, saying he auditioned for a new johnnys group, called "Sekushi Jon" (sounds like the new johnnys group Sexy Zone. xD). lol. he also said that 100,000 people have watched the bokura ga ita movie!! 

yaparri, toma has mostly only been talking about bokura ga ita and thanking people for supporting the movie and asking everyone to go watch it. he even compared it to going hanami, cuz he said the movie is like a pretty flower. lol. toma and yuriko went to a girls school in hokkaido in march and he was like wow, girl power! xD the BRI team went to many places all over japan to promote the movie, ne. 

toma was very embarrassed about being on a tv show (warrate it tomo, in march) with his brother. he said he never thought they would happen!! xD
and you should really read this translation of the toma's room vol. 482 entry. on march 11, the 1 year anniversary of the earthquake/tsunami/nucleur disaster, toma wrote a long entry about his memories and feelings of what happened last year. =,(

............................ top 10 toma things that happened during april (or march) 

(credit: criscris01)

1~ toma, shun and masaki appear on a tv show together and had a long talk! a mini ikemen paradise reunion!!! *__* you can DL the 1st and 2nd parts here:
(as always, video posts are members-locked!)
i think this will probably be subbed soon!

they talked about things like how toma didn't like shun at first because he was wearing weird clothes, toma took masaki's ring 1 time when they went drinking and he left it on the table or something, and toma's family was poor when he was young, but his parents still tried to buy them nice things. ~__~ thanks to jaehosupporter and raatkerani who summarized what they talked about!
the 2nd part has even more private talk, it seems!! 

(btw, i hate shun after finding out he's a womanizer and cheated on his girlfriend (now his wife) many times in the past.arggghhh. -__- but i guess he is a good friend, just was a really bad boyfriend. i hope after getting married he'll change!)

(credit: tomafanindia, 4 the gif below too!)
toma spent like 80% of his time there eating curry, probably. hahahaha...

“umeeeee!!” toma really loved the california wine that tasted like apple juice. xD

2~ toma appeared on the travel show Another Sky, and the episode is about his trip to London!!!!! ALL TOMA FANS NEED TO WATCH THIS! TOMA IS SO CUTE in the show AND he got to meet the famous fashion designer paul smith, eat lots of yummy indian curry, and stood on the stage of a big empty theatre after watching a play. i wrote way too much about my thoughts after watching this, so i'll just share it at my LJ. i got some screencaps too. go here to read it!

you can DL the episode at either of these links.

also, TFGirls will sub this show! ^_^

(credit: tomafanindia)
3~ toma falls madly in love with a girl and keeps grabbing/kissing her even though she rejects him!!!!! LOL!!!!this short skit is just crazy funny!!! xD i've never seen toma act this way with a girl, and he was able to hold back and not laugh and break character most of the time, too! a lot of fans were saying that naomi is so lucky and they want toma to hug them like that. xD well, i want a tight hug or kiss from toma, but i certainly wouldn't want him to be so aggressive! hahaha. :D

you can DL it at either of these links:

                        (credit: baboy-19. and my screencaps. btw, i really like the lovely beading detail on the collar of his vest!! *_*)

4~ toma as the +1 guest on the VS Arashi SP episode!!
toma was really happy to be there!! i think he had a lot of fun playing games with the arashi guys. ^_^ and it was so funny how everyone teased aiba cuz of his unlucky america scarf. poor aiba! i like your scarf!

you can DL it here:

(credit: toma143)
5~ Bokura Ga Ita news and things...
so this month, toma continued to promote BRI and made appearances on many different tv shows! his hard work has paid off, because according to the news below, Bokura ga ita has been doing very well at the box office!! it earned 26.97 million USD so far, and that's only the 1st part of the movie!!! yey!! congrats to toma and the whole BRI team!!!! *^-^* i think cuz of this, they are having a special stage greeting on May 11 to celebrate the movie's success!! go here for more info:

(credit: tomafanindia)

and the "toma and yuriko seem like they are more than just friends??" moments continues. i don't know what to think sometimes. i mean, at this point, if there was suddenly news of them kissing at a bar or something, i think i wouldn't be surprised. i know before i was so sure they are not dating, but sometimes there just seems like there's something~ between them that he has not had with any previous actress he's worked with. hmm...let's just see if they are seen together at all after BRI promotion ends. 

----------------------------------------- Ikuta Toma & Yoshitaka Yuriko brought close to tears at the stage greeting for “Bokura ga Ita Kouhen”

excerpt from the interview:
At the end of the stage greeting, director Miki Takahiro surprised the two actors by revealing his honest feelings by reading aloud a letter he wrote for the two of them.

He expressed his gratitude towards Ikuta and said, “He’s a very considerate person who always thinks of others before himself. Ikuta helped me many times.”
wow!! i didn't know it was common in japan for for directors to thank the actors like this before i read this news, but it's still so nice of him to do that!! i wonder how toma helped him out during filming?? maybe with suggestions on how yano should act in certain scenes or something? ~_~

Toma Ikuta says girls avoided him during high school

excerpt from the interview:
“We were just a whole bunch of boys doing stupid things.
I wasn’t popular with girls, in fact, I think they stayed away from me."

ehhhhh? it's probably because they were intimidated because he was in JE? but he did look a little dorky back then, and he often wore glasses. xD but he looks so cool with sunglasses on!! ~_~ (go here to see pics of toma when he was in h.s.

you can watch the trailer for the 2nd part of the bokura ga ita movie here. no toma at all in it though! =T

6~ himawariyusuke's translations that you should really read!
interview for MORE (may 2012) magazine. toma talks about wishing he had a sweet high school love story (like in BRI or like his parents) it was like he was fated to be in this movie!
zip 5 april 2012. Highlights of this 8 minutes interview. about toma and yuriko's views on love.
highlights of toma's March variety programs

(credit: tomafanindia. toma is so cute when he's embarrassed!!♥ ~_~)
7~ there are 6 new english-subbed toma video clips!!! 
just check the 2 newest posts there. :)

8~ you should join this new toma subbing community! is an Indonesian subber team, and they translate toma's blog (Toma's Room) entries and also sometimes sub his video clips. (remember to follow their instructions on how to join:

9~ toma had a really cool dark/goth look for Vogue! see all the pictures from the set here: also we had a poll/discussion at toma's room about this kinda shocking photoshoot. hehe.

10~ toma tricks yuriko during an interview. lol.
can't think of anything else, so i'll just let this be #10. xD

...................... my 10 11 favorite toma pictures ♥

oh, i forgot to scan and share the gorgeous toma pics from More all this time!! well, i do have the scans thanks to kavya, but since that person doesn't want it to be shared anywhere except weibo, probably a lot of ppl have not seen the HQ scans. my scanner is not that great though, so i dunno if it can do toma justice, but i'll try it! go to to DL the scans (it will be members-locked)! anyway, here is a pic i took of my More magazine. ~_~

suit + love the way he posed (his hands)! (credit: tomapifriendship) 

sharing a heart with yuriko (credit: toma143)

sunlight! and yuriko looks pretty here! (credit: yuki326)

clutching his shirt sexily ^_~ (credit: tomapifriendship)

plaid toma. ^_^ (credit: ToMAraShi)

blue toma pic. so cool! still using it as 1 of my icons. ^.^ (credit: sama-asian)

toma in VOGUE. hotttt. xD (credit: fascinating-japan)

potato light pic. i love the pics with bright lights... (credit: heechura)

blue dyed shirt, a nice sitting pose. again, look at his pretty hands!! ~_~ i love how toma is often doing something nice with his hands... (credit: tomafanindia)

old pouty, colorful, quirky fashion pic! this pic is from 2010 i think, but so cute!! why a watermark on his face though, whyyyy!! =T (credit:, roomno382)

(credit: oink8) i think it's a toma fanmade photobook or something??
SO COOL!!!!! *__* and i like how the shape of the pictures make it look retro. 

.............................. my favorite toma gifs from tumblr 
(aiya, too many gifs in this post. i better make these smaller! =T)

toma and ryuusei. xD

from an old video, but so cute!! toma is cuter than the kitty! ~_~

another old video gif, but it's toma and ohno in the mini fashion show thingy for Maou!! *__* i love toma's cute smile for ohno before he walked away.


(as always, get the url of the pic to see it in full size!! ^_^)


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