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GENJI PREMIERE AT A SHRINE IN KYOTO!! *_* + other genji events...BRI website updated...toma's bath powder CM...~_~

it's kate~

i hope everyone likes the new purple banners here and at DT-chan!! purple genji theme neeeee. ^.^

umm...i want to change certain things about my posts from now on because there's gonna be a lot of things 2 talk about during this genji promo period and i don't want to have 2 spend too much time on sharing so many pics/news/etc. i'm gonna be linking to stuff more instead of posting everything here, ok? like with toma's pictures, i'll only post my favorites and the rest u can see at tumblr or LJ. AND i'm gonna really try 2 keep the posts regular size instead of super long like usual. hahaha...

lots of genji promoting going on right now!! ^__^

Ikuta Toma & Nakatani Miki appear at the world premiere event for “Genji Monogatari”

On November 2nd, a world premiere event for the upcoming movie “Genji Monodatari Sennen no Nazo” (The Tales of Genji) was held at Heian Shrine in Kyoto. Ikuta Toma who plays “Hikaru Genji”and Nakatani Miki who plays “Murasaki Shikibu” were in attendance at the event. Ikuta and Nakatani appeared on a ox carriage which had a production cost of 30 million yen (around $384,000 USD), and Ikuta commented, “It wasn’t so comfortable…to be honest, but I felt tense while riding on the carriage.”

On the other hand, Nakatani who rode on an ox carriage for the first time, said, “Though you can’t see inside of the carriage from outside, I could see outside well from inside of the carriage, so it felt like I peeked into other people’s secrets. Also my heart was beating fast to think that I was on the carriage alone with the ‘Hikaru Genji’.”

On this day, the Outen-mon gate which is designated as a national important cultural property, was specially lighted up for the event, and both Ikuta and Nakatani prayed for the movie to be a big hit inside the inner shrine. Heian Shrine was built in 1895 to commemorate the 1,100th anniversary of the transfer of the capital to Heian-kyo (Kyoto), and the shrine is dedicated the 50th emperor Kanmu who moved the capital to Heian-kyo. It is well-known as the popular place for “Hatsumode (first shrine visit of New Year)”, and this is the first time for a premiere event for any movie to be held at the shrine.

After the premiere event, Ikuta and Nakatani visited three movie theaters in Kyoto city, with the directorTsuruhashi Yasuo, and made the stage greetings to the audience. Ikuta said at the stage greeting, “Since we stayed in Kyoto for a long time for filming, it feels like ‘I’m back.’” He continued, “I am glad to send ‘Genji Monogatari’, Japan’s pride, from Kyoto to the world. I hope people all over the world watch this, and reconfirm the beauty of Japan.”

Nakatani also said, “It may be the time for everybody’s patriotic feelings are growing, especially under these circumstances. I’m glad to be able to send the ‘Genji Monogatari’ like this. Watching this movie made me feel that I’m glad to be born in Japan from the bottom of my heart.”

“Genji Monogatari Sennen no Nazo” is scheduled to be released on December 10th. (Check out the movie trailer on the official site here.)

Source & Image: Oricon


(EDIT: if you watch the video clip from the premiere at the shrine, it was soooooo quiet and empty there!! you could hear the crickets...i thought it was a really unique place to have a premiere...the atmosphere is completely different and it felt more subtle and special. ~____~)

WAHHHHHHHHHH! (*´▽`)o゚★,。・:*:・☆゚”
premiere at a famous shrine in kyoto!!!
they really are spending so much money and making all the events so elegant and amazing...i love the way toma did his hair ne. all us fangirls went crazy over it i guess. xD
yeahhh...i'm really so proud of toma *_*

and i hope all this is not too overwhelming for him....really excited about this movie!! hehe...
^___^ it's so much pressure for toma though...and they keep teasing him about genji, cuz he was supposed to be the most handsome man in the world. lol....toma was really the perfect person for this role! but he also had to dress up as the women in the movie for the PB, so it's's kinda funny right? genji is so manly yet girly at the same time. just like toma. =P

~_~ more pics and videos, thanks to carry and memo:
[toma's super pretty and cool hairstyle at the premiere!!] (Source: oribejunpei)

and at a different genji promo event,
toma was lowered onto the stage on some cool!! ^_^ i guess he was teased about his genji character, cuz he reacted so cutely, smiling and winking...and laughing when he had 2 put on a wolf mask!! xD
DL the video clip here (thanks to memo-toma for always uploading these stuff for us!! videos and pics and all.... ミ★(。´_●`)v Thanks!! v(´○_`*)★彡

3 gifs of cute toma's expressions at the event =D

(gif of toma laughing + having the mask on xD)

DL a video clip of toma and the actresses from the movie promoting the movie on tv here...^_^ thanks to memo-toma again! ~____~

here's more genji news:
(toma is "dirty" but in a good way??!! xD and toma talks about how he was so nervous before and after a love scene...)

i forgot 2 say it earlier cuz toma bday stuff going on, but genji's website now looks like this: cool, right? ^^

............BOKURA GA ITA updates (●^○^●)

the official website says that the 2 movies will be released:

Part 1: 2012.03.17
Part 2: 2012.04.21
(thanks to carry for the info!)

THIS IS HOW THE OFFICIAL WEBSITE LOOKS LIKE NOW....they added lots of pics. ~_~ it looks pretty, but i wish it didn't look so sad and tragic. but i guess i always don't like the posters that much. lol.

some more pics from the bokura website here, thanks to hideko_ikuta!

preview pic of the poster i think...

in case anyone wants to read Bokura ga ita, u can do it here. it looks like they have most of the chapters.

i bought a few volumes of BRI and i love the artwork!! yano and nanami look so cute!! and yano's dog, lalami, is such a cutie!! looking forward to seeing toma and lalami together in the movie. hehe... the story is not awesome, it tends to be angsty and serious a lot...but it's romantic and sweet and funny too...i hope the movie can be the same. ^^

..............TOMA'S NEW BATH POWDER CM (○^▽^○)

(umm..DON'T HAVE GIF RIGHT NOW, I'LL edit this later, sorry. xD ....i dunno why it's not showing up, but here's the link to the gif! =T
(credit: sumigo's ps works)

toma has a new CM for EarthSeiyaku Bath Roman!! toma's so cute and a little sexy in it and the CM is really refreshing!! hehehe...

you can watch his NEW CM here:

DL toma's bath powder CM here!

............... TOMA'S PICS ♥_♥
[i'll only post my favorites + a preview of other toma pics from can go to ikuta_toma LJ community or toma-gallery LJ or my tumblr to see other toma pics, ok? also, the size of the pics is a little smaller, but u can still click on them 2 get the full size like usual. ^_^] [credits 4 all pics in this post: memo-toma, as watermarked, weibo, abtomat, ohlala17, tomapifriendship, fuckyeahtoma, kashikuta, sakushita, comedywong, xq, hideko_ikuta, redina, hakusai@weibo, hpswf1]

cinema cinema 35 issue....toma is on the cover!!
beautiful and flirty and cozy toma in white pics and some very nice bokura ga ita
AND genji pics...and there's a pullout of toma too. arggggh. but it's so expensive....
u can order it at yesasia for US$23.99....

(toma looks so cute + the genji comic with the genji fangirls is kawaii!!! ~__~)

(so many gorgeous toma pics and hot pics from the love scenes too...
makes me so envious of ppl that bought the PB...=T
well, at least i can DL the scans [i linked 2 it in the LJ section below]
also, like it would be nicer to see some scenes
for the 1st time in the movie, right? hehe....
not sure when i'll look at the pb scans yet...xD)

(toma's pics for the interview part in the genji photobook are so kakkoii too. ^^)

(the rest of toma's recent pics i didn't post up)

...............TOMA'S MESSAGES (*^▽^*)
[credit: akemi's friend translated it for us. ^^]

vol. 458

in his spare time, he watches movies.
recently he watched a movie, Kantoku Shikkaku that he really liked.

he hopes everyone will go watch a lot of great movies and wishes everyone a great day!

.............THAT NECKLACE (。・_・。)

oribejunpei noticed it and talked about it at tumblr, how toma suddenly has been wearing his friendship necklace a lot recently (except now with big 2 rings instead of 1 smaller ring)...cuz it's been like 2 yrs that he hasn't worn it. i guess this is to show support for yamashita after he left NEWS to go solo last month and everyone is still mad at him?? i dunno....but i think it looks better with one ring than 2. sometimes it's distracting though, cuz i think that necklace doesn't go with all his outfits you know? xD or maybe it's cuz it gets me jealous that he cares so much about yamashita. hahaha...

........... cool toma LJ things ★
[scans] Genji Monogatari PB (toma parts)

---------- @Toma's Room:
4 old but really sweet TOMAPI fanmade MVs… + NEW halloween layout!! ^_^

...................RANDOM toma things ♪
[chibi toma n nino singing together, but nino is such a brat! xD he pushed toma aside. love how toma's cool gestures and movements when he sings!!]
toma was the worst assistant director when he was younger... xD
[toma (back then, when he interviewed other johnnys) pretends he's in space....xD]
[toma played the guitar when he was little!!]
[in case u haven't seen, 4 old but sweet/sad tomapi MVs.]
[toma's halloween costume. xDD kidding!! his reindeer costume from H&C!! :D]
[the scary Blue Fall drop ride that toma hated so much and that he, yamapi, hasejun had 2 go on....=0]
[the part in the nanana mv where toma moves his tongue in a sex/cute way...*_*]
[chibi toma's winter fun snow pics!! ^^]


kate☂ said...

oh darn. this post still ended up too long. xD but that's cuz too many pretty pics to share this time. lol. sorry, they're just all so nice, i couldn't not post them up!!

i really want a magazine with toma on the cover + big poster inside....*__* pleaseeee pleaseeee winkup/potato/duet, make it happen for meeeee!! xD

Anonymous said...

Hello Kate, (you remember me? Sorry for never leave a name)

You really keep up with Tomas's work...Sugoi! I've been busy recently (Toma hasn't been in any drama too) and suddenly?! Look at him! Is that the same guy who played Nakatsu and Box? He have grown so much..his eyes look deeper XD reminds me of Oribe Junpei.

I can't wait of The Tale of Genji. I love Japan and I curious about their ancient culture. And of course I love Toma.

Your blog gave me a lot of information. Thank you so much.

kate♥toma said...

hi anony,

i guess i do remember you! hehe.
yep...i still keep up with all his stuff. lol.
yeah....i understand ne...he hasn't had a lead role in a drama for a long time. =( toma has definitely matured a lot ne!! ^_^ his eyes? i dunno, i haven't noticed, but his eyes are always beautiful and shows so much emotion. ~___~

me too! i'm so excited about it, even though i won't be able 2 watch it until next year (when someone uploads/subs it). lol.

you're very welcome!! i'm glad my blog can help toma fans catch up on what he's doing. ~__~