Wednesday, January 23, 2008

what's up?

hey there....
every1 liking honey and clover so far?
i'm getting the 1st subbed episode from here
(but u've gotta join 2 access this community, just join LJ first, then u should be able 2). [thanks to Puppet Princess from 4 telling me!!]

i'll post something soon.

:) thanks for joining!

SHOUT-OUT to the 5 ppl, 1 in europe, 4 in the asia-pacific region, that come here often!
HI THERE, & as always, thank YOU for coming here so much!!! ~_~

of course, thank you all who have come here! it still often gets above 50 hits daily, even when i haven't updated. maybe that's also from ppl that come here after watching my toma MV at youtube. =) because of you all, this toma blog is only 1 spot away from being in the top ten search results of "toma ikuta" on google!! #11. aiya.....still stuck on the 2nd page!

anyway....see ya later!`*

[edit: lol, just realized my last post was also thanking ppl that come here. i know i often repeat myself regarding this matter, but i really do APPRECIATE the support from all the ppl that come here! *_* ]


alisas said...

ahh cool i've been waiting for a subbed version of it... i tried the first episode but i wanted to know what they were saying haha... anyways is this the website i can find it... coz i couldnt find it on here...

savvy kate said...

no, u can find the dload links here:

but u'll only be able 2 access that page after u register at LJ:

and then go here and join:

after that go back to
and u should be able 2 see the dload links 2 dload then!

alisas said...

Thank you

savvy kate said...