Wednesday, January 16, 2008

playlist/ honey&clover/ do u want to know a secret?

i started a 2nd playlist at my youtube page 4 toma:
all cool video clips of toma that i watch from now, i'll add 2 that playlist. =)
the 1st one is mostly for all the really really great toma videos, so i don't wanna add 2 it
anymore 4 now.

***remember, there R some cool videos of toma at
CRUNCHYROLL, and there's some of his interviews with ENGLISH SUBTITLES there! =)


of course, u all know that toma's new tv series, honey and clover has started airing in japan. u can already find episode one online at sites like youtube and of course, the toma LJ site.
i've only watched a tiny bit of the start of episode one cuz i'm waiting 4 the subbed version, but so far, toma looks great and so young, he really does look student, especially with his shorts and backpack. :) even though he's dressed so casually & his hair is so simple, he still looks cute. toma's charm/silliness/cuteness is toned down a lot, but he's still got those certain toma funny faces/familiar gestures that u have seen be4! haha. but i'm looking forward 2 seeing him as the quiet guy instead of the outgoing guy.........but he'll be having another unrequited love story!!! =(


"do u want to know a secret?"
is a really sweet and cute song by the beatles, and i've recently been listening to their songs, and hearing this song made me think of nakatsu & mizuki's situation right away!! and i think it's so funny how in the series, mizuki's always saying "too close!" , but there's parts in the song that it says "closer"! nakatsu's always trying 2 get closer 2 mizuki. =) a lot of the song lyrics describes what nakatsu is thinking so so PERFECTLY! how it's a secret that he likes her, how he thinks she likes him too, etc. etc.!!

i was gonna make an MV using that song and screencaps, but then i thought it always takes me a long time 2 do this kinda thing, and it's much better with video clips, which i dunno how 2 do...

SO...just wanted 2 share my thoughts here and hope some1 will make an mv of them using this song.... =)

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