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SO MUCH TOMA STUFF CUZ OF BRI MOVIE PROMOTING!!!!!!♥♡ rumor of a toma/nino drama??? toma on 2 arashi shows this month!! ^_^

i'm gonna update sometime this week...
sorry for the long wait!! ^^;

i hope everyone had a nice valentine's day.

(feb. 28 edit: omg, i made it!! can post this up while it's still feb.!! well, only for 1 more day, and that's only cuz it's leap year!! hahaha... oh, BIG THANKS TO KEIKO_ARTEMIS 4 showing me this site that makes my text all colorful!! it's the rainbow text color fader here: EDIT: OMGGGG. somehow the colors keep disappearing. O__O i'll fix it later and just get the pics up. argghhhhh. T__T)

hi everyone! ~__~ i'm finally back!! please excuse my lateness...just so much stuff 2 do recently. so, this month, a lot of unexpected things happened...some made me very happy, but some made me very sad. that's why i'm gonna extend my bday month to NEXT MONTH TOO!!! YEYYYYYY!!! *__* hahahahhaaa...xDDDD so, feel free 2 be extra nice to me or give me stuff for March, as well. lollll. :D
thanks so much to rae-chan for making this bday gif for me!! i love it and it's the best bday present that i got!!!!! *_* though i was able 2 get myself a yummy smoothie & some nice bday gifts and snacks too, but i'll talk about that later...xD a late happy everything...happy birthday to me again! happy valentines day!! and v day (or maybe feb 11 or something??), i forget, was also the 16th ANNIVERSARY of toma joining johnnys!!! so...゚・*:.。. .。.:*・゜Happy★Birthdyヽ((◎´∀`◎))ノ゚・, 私の♥(*´。`*)愛届けます♥
and for toma, omedetou!!!! HAPPY 16TH ANNIV., TOMA!!! \(^▽^)/ ぉめでとぉ~
(*・x・)/。・:*:・゚´★゚・:*:・。☆Congratulations ;*・’゜☆v(*’-^*);*・’゜☆ブイ♪

(just a cool, old toma/ohno pic from the maou filming time...^^ credit: untestsubject)
he's never been a +1 before! i'm really happy for toma!!!! ^_____^ also, just in recent days, there's news that toma will be on Arashi ni Shiyagare on 3/10, too!!!
i didn't know what kinda show that was so i looked it up to see why everyone's so hyper about it, and turns out that toma will teach them something on that show (and i guess they'll have to call him "aniki" = big brother? it says so on wikipedia's description)!!! xD

also, a rumor that toma and nino
will be in a drama together!!!!!!!!!!!!! *____*

nino is my 2nd fav arashi member!!! (#1 is ohno. xD) i'm trying not to get my hopes up in case it's not true, but i really hope it's for real!! the supposed drama is based on News' Shige's novel, Pink and Grey:
"It pictures the sad and fleeting lives of two friends walking the two paths of the showbusiness world: the success and the frustration. (credit: the story sounds angsty and sad. =T i was hoping his next drama could be a romantic/happy one... recent days,
(u can read about it here and see that most ppl want toma to do it):
an article about the rumor that NHK wants a johnnys talent to be in the next Taiga drama with ayase haruka to help boost the ratings and toma is 1 of the people they're considering.

i want a new toma drama but not a taiga drama, please!!! -_____- it's a year-long historical drama that i think is always pretty boring and toma will have 2 have that fake shaved head look. T___T

I JUST FOUND OUT HOW TO USE ADOBE IMAGEREADY TO EDIT GIFS LAST WEEK!!!!! ★___★ YEAHHHHH!!! anyone who wants toma gif icons, go to the links below! 1st link is where i will upload all the icons i make (i'm trying 2 make at least 1 a day! haha!). 2nd link, rae and kavya made some and posted them up there. ~_~

i've been writing a tomapi/gakky love triangle fic...u can read it -HERE-.

it's not very great, but i've put a lot of thought and effort into it, so please do go read it at my LJ! xDDDD it's ongoing, but hopefully it won't drag out too long. lol. comment if u like it!

please do check out the current blue layout at toma's room!! (kinda v day themed, more like sea-themed) is my favorite color!!

................(tons of) BRI STUFF!! ♡♡

(credit: toma143)

even though i still don't think yuriko is very nanami-ish after watching all these video clips and seeing all these pics, i think this movie might be quite good (at least better than hanamizuki though the plot is sorta similar??) and i'd love to see toma in romantic boyfriend mode!! ^////^ hopefully like hanamizuki, they will release it in theatres in a lot of other countries (even if only at intl/japanese film festivals). or else, we'll have 2 wait about 6-7 months, when it'll be released on DVD, & some1 uploads it. and also have 2 wait 4 some1 to sub it. but hanamizuki was subbed really fast, at least!! =)

(credit: memo-toma)

a lot of people think that they're really dating cuz they seem so close (and held hands on the way to the stage) at this event and even the director said they seemed like they're really dating while filming for the movie. but i still don't believe it!! -_____- and of course they're trying to make them seem like a couple to help promote the movie!!! T___T i'll only believe it if they officially announce they're dating. anyway, i still think she's dating that guy in flumpool and she just doesn't seem like the type of girl that toma would like....

***this article was too long, so i cut the start of it. u can read the whole thing at the link below!***

“I’d seen her on TV and movies before and thought there was something special about her, but when I saw her on variety shows there was something strange about her too (laughs). When I met her in person though, she turned out to be very smart,” Ikuta said.

“He’s smart and he’s sweet. What I found amazing was a lot of the time I’d see a moment where he would exceed all his acting technique and emotion,” Yoshitaka said.

During the event, the actors asked each other to repeat lines particularly memorable to them, and Yoshitaka managed to push a blushing Ikuta into saying a line that made fans scream.

“Can I kiss you one last time,” he said.

The film’s director, Takahiro Miki, said putting Ikuta and Yoshitaka together for the movie worked so well, it was like they really were dating.

“Almost enough to make me, looking on from the other side of the monitor, jealous. In the beginning I remember telling them to keep their distance because they were standing too close together,” he said.

It has been reported at the event, Yoshitaka said she had a Valentine’s Day present for Ikuta, but assured fans it was not chocolate. Instead, she gave Ikuta some portable music speakers. Ikuta, a keen music lover was elated.

“I’ll use them a lot,” he said.

“僕等がいた (Bokura ga ita)” part 1 opens in Japan cinemas on March 17, and part 2 on April 21.


there's similar news about this event at the link below:

if you're interested in seeing some fans talk about how they're afraid toma and yuriko really are a couple from the way they acted at the event/read the news again, go here:

newshfan subbed 4 of the BRI event video clips!! ~_~
u can DL a BUNCH of toma BRI-related promo events/etc. video clips (the AT HOME cm, too)!!! many thanks to memo-chan!! ^_^

video clips from the BRI event and clips from the movie too:

-------------- more gifs
from the BRI event, trailer, and their "at home" cm:
[toma shakes hands with fans]
[i like this gif of yano looking at the evening sky....^_^ a really nice, pretty moment...
[pics/gif from their 'at home' cm]
tomafanindia's gifs made from other bokura clips. playing around at the beach + hug at the train station!! awwww....^^

................. toma's pictures

[credit: kavya, hakusai, toma143, keiiyuu, algodondefresa, xyami, yuki326, tomafanindia, yuki362, weibo, sumigomin, a-m-n-o-s, keiiyuu, bluelillie, tomapifriendship, beabeabeybey]

usually, i post up most of the pics from toma's photoshoots, but it's pretty much impossible this time, cuz there's so many!! hehehe...*___* and i'm not gonna upload the rest 2 flickr either, cuz it's too troublesome and i'm running out of space at my flickr accounts. ^^; so i'm gonna only post the best best, my favorite ones here, and u can find the rest of those sets at either my tumblr or toma's room (those posts are locked though)!! -__- sorry...

I THINK IT'S SO FUNNY THAT CUZ OF TOMA'S HAIR GETTING LONG + KINDA CURLY AGAIN, IT'S LIKE WE'VE GONE BACK IN TIME TO 2009, when he had majosai yakisoba hair/ningen wavy hair. xD and in 1 photoshoot, his outfit (the brown v-neck) is almost exactly like what he wore in ningen, right??? xD it's yo-chan. he's back! =P (and yeah, i've accepted that his hair is gonna stay like this and he's not gonna get a haircut. it doesn't look that bad now, i guess. just kinda like back in 2009.)

soooooooo many great toma pics this time ♥_♥ and also lots of toma/yuriko pics!!!!
i'm kinda jealous of her getting to take so many pics with him... but i think it's funny that they kinda ran out of ideas of how they should pose. pretty much the same kinda poses over and over. xD i think toma/gakky had some more sweet/unique poses, right? ^_^ least they had 1 pic where they were holding hands.♥ but HOPEFULLY sometime DURING the 2 BRI movies PROMO TIME, I CAN BUY A NICE MAGAZINE WITH TOMA ON THE COVER + A PULLOUT (and preferably it's not a photoshoot with yuriko. xD) *fingers crossed* i thought i might buy the SODA magazine (my fav toma only photoshoot!! ^.^), but then again, i think i should wait for a better photoshoot, cuz i like the ones where he is wearing more casual clothes + or with a nice background...

and here's a BUNCH OF recent PICS/SCREENCAPS FROM THE BRI MOVIE OR VIDEO CLIPS, at the links below!!! [this is my favorite toma/yuriko photoshoot!]

also, u can DL the bokura ga ita official guidebook here, thanks to kavya ^_^: (it's members-locked)

(credit: ex-oribejunpei)

...................toma's messages

there has been only 1 translation of toma's jweb entry for february, but i'm sure he's posted more, but just that no one has translated? so these entries are mostly from december-january.

for christmas, toma went to see the musical Rocky Horror Show! toma wished everyone a merry christmas and a happy new year. he thanks everyone for supporting him in 2011 and says he'll keep working hard and hopes that in the new year, everyone can "become brighter" and have many happy memories! he also reminds everyone to watch genji if they haven't and also his new movie bokura ga ita coming in march. and it's been cold, so he says everyone take care and don't catch a cold. ~_~

and from vol. 474, tomafanindia's translation:
"In 2012, Ikuta Toma has started. Strange?(laughs) I mean, the promotion for Bokura ga Ita activities. We have started having interviews and many other things. Magazines, TV, there has been a surge in these activities. A lot is to be done." and the rest of the msg, he talks about playing futsal and his body aching cuz of that. xD he was excited about that and again says "Together, let’s have a nice year!" ~__~ on jan. 22, it was curry day, and toma said that's his day, let's eat curry! hahahaha. :D

in the latest message (maybe from feb. 22?), toma said it's raining. there are positive responses to bokura ga ita, but he's waiting to see what the public thinks of it. everyone just needs to wait a little longer. these days his life is quite devoted (?) and he's "working, living, living, working". and he loves music. xD

also, in his questions corner, Toma's Garden, someone asked him what's his response to nino saying that ohno is the one who will ignore his girlfriend and not him...because he's too busy doing things by himself (like playing games or with his hobbies or whatever...). cuz recently toma said if he was a girl, he would not pick nino to be his boyfriend for that reason. so toma's response is “I’m sorry!♥” awwwwww. =P

you can read his full messages translated by TFGirls and also tomafanindia at the links below! MANY THANKS TO THEM for the translations! ^_^ (Vol. 471 - 475) LJ toma stuff

-------@Toma's Room:
[Some really nice fanmade videos for Toma's 27th birthday (that u can watch at tuduo!)]
[BOKURA GA ITA♥ polls!!]
[BRI icons (from the trailer)]
[Ryuusei singing and dancing! (DL the clip here. not bad!! ^___^)]
[gifs of him singing here. ^^]
[about toma and pi's matching "i have great character" t-shirts. =P]
about Johnny Kitagawa’s alleged harassment of the boys...@______@

translation of toma's MISS (feb. 2012) interview!!!! ^_^ thanks to himawariyusuke!
Ray April 2012 -toma interview (about the topic of LOVE!!) translation by himawariyusuke
5LDK (English Subtitles) by TFGirls

------- @ikuta-toma:
Kyukei no Koya SP EP2. [subbed in english, thanks to curry4toma subbing team!!]
hirunandesu (december 8, 2011) - toma's cut
[eng. subbed, by tfgirls!]
25 toma's icons + bg (thanks to memo! ^.^)

............ random/tumblr toma stuff

--Higashiyama Noriyuki, toma's sempai that was in the genji movie and double-play with him...his wife gave birth to their baby before 1 of the genji events!!! ^_^ so belated congrats to him. ~_~

came across this old clip on youtube. kazama and toma talking about the dvd release of their drama or play or something (called america? eh? i think it's engimono?) back in 2004, i think? he looks so cute and had black hair back then. kinda makes me hope he'll go back to black hair again soon.^^ & i love hearing him laugh and seeing him smile while sitting behind some1 during rehearsals or something. hehe...

--"Survey of women over 40 who would like to risk a dangerous love affair with these male celebrities in the new year(I guess that’s what it says)-

Toma at number 7! Genji effect? :P"
(credit: tomafanindia)


--THERE'S JUST TOO MUCH GREAT TOMA STUFF AT TUMBLR, AND IT'D TAKE TOO MUCH TIME 2 KEEP TRACK OF THEM AND SHARE THEM HERE, SO I'M JUST GONNA TRY 2 SHARE THE MOST MOST AWESOME ONES, OK? LOL. ***it'd be much easier for me if everyone could remember 2 come to my tumblr often, and i won't have 2 keep re-posting here!!!! xD***


--------- old toma video clips. a lot of behind the scenes stuff from his dramas!! *___*

[I MADE SOME GIFS FROM THE MAKING OF THE RUNNING CM OF THE UFO YAKISOBA CMS. ^___^ i miss athletic toma + his sexy arms. hehe... xD]
old fanart: if toma was a girl in ancient times...^^
tomafanindia's great post for toma's 16th anniversary with JE!!!
[toma posing for the pic from ningen. ^^]
[omggggggg. super cute toma and lots of other johnnys boys dressed in cute food outfits. ^_________^]
[is just me, or is toma always extra cute on this show?? ~___~]
[toma's cuteness while laughing from ningen promo time...=D]
[gifs of toma talking about why he'd like sho if he was a girl. ~___~]
the quote about how toma thought it would be uncool 2 quit...inspiring!! *_*
[toma singing with a bunch of johnnys boys at the 2007-2008 johnnys ny concert. I MISS TOMA'S SINGING AND DANCING SOOOOOO MUCH!!!!!!! =T]
[2 gifs from toma n yamapi dancing together happily at his solo concert a few years ago. ^_^]
[toma explains on shounen club from few years ago why he likes being able 2 push his limits emotionally while acting]
[gif of toma sharing food with the staff and the camera man. awwww. from the behind the scenes parts of hanamizuki!]
happy 10,000th day since toma's birth!! xDDD
[and god said, "let there be perfection". *_*]
toma smiling/laughing on a recent tv interview?
cute toma moments. when he talked about filming for tokio's mv. ^_^
never noticed the writing on toma's sleeve. this casual suit look makes toma look so cool!! *_*
1 of his super sexy pics from cinemacinema 2010.
toma thought they got a goal but it wasn't. awww. =P
i really loved this melancholy photoshoot...toma in a field...his black scarf.
the time that ohno gave toma his jacket cuz toma was cold in his tanktop during maou filming.
super shocked toma from the 100 yen shop show. LOLLLLLL. so cute though.
i wanna see him in sparkly outfits singing and dancing again!!! =T

[explanation of some toma questions and answers from hanamura interview]
[toma recreates the nakatsu/mizuki kiss with 1 of his biggest female fans. lol....she fell off the chair!]
[jam-chan's pics, then and now, taken by toma and his brother]
[toma's brother at the arashi tv show. xDDD (more gifs from the show at tomafanindia's tumblr!!]
pretty collage of the sleepy/dreamy toma photoshoot yrs ago.

........... random (Japan) stuff

IF U LIVE IN THE USA, TAKE THIS SHORT QUIZ/POLL 2 GET A CHANCE TO WIN A $1000 GIFT CERTIFICATE AT JTB RESERVATION CENTER (Discount Air Ticket to Japan and Asia, Travel to Japan and Asia, JR Pass, Tours, Hotel and Ryokan Booking and more!)!!! (last day 2 do the quiz is FEB. 29.) if u don't win anything, at least u can get a free catalog out of this (or u can look at the e-brochures at their website). hehe... also, if you're a student in the usa, you can get extra benefits/discounts!

TOO CUTE!!!!!!!!! cute icons & cute pusheen kitty.♥ (my post about a super cute icons LJ community and the popular bouncy chubby kitty on tumblr, Pusheen! ^_^)


kavya said...

Awesome post, as always! ^^ That bokuranojidai gif wasn't from a recent genji promo, it came in early jan last year! Jan 23rd to be precise.. the director, higashiyama-senpai and toma were having a heart-to-heart talk which i didn't understand at all. :P

kate♥toma said...

hi kavya!

thanks! <3 if only i was able to edit it properly...change the font and color n stuff.. >__< next time i'll try posting it the way i want it at LJ and copy and paste here, maybe that will work... =T

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