Wednesday, May 11, 2011

TOMA'S FILMING A 2 PART MOVIE: Bokura ga ita!! *\(•ˆ⌣ˆ​​​​•)/*

(do u like the new happy face in the title of this post?
got it from a happy comment by some1 about toma's movie. xD)

how is everyone?
genki? ~__~

sorry it took me a while 2 get all this new toma movie stuff posted up. whew...luckily there's a break in the toma news right now, so i have time 2 gather all this news n pics... xD

OH, THERE'S A JOHNNYS POLL ABOUT YOUR FAVORITE JOHNNYS ARTIST!! so far, toma's in 9th place!! go to the link below to see the results so far and get the link to GO VOTE FOR TOMA!!! ^_^

wow!!!!!!! *\(•ˆ⌣ˆ​​​​•)/*

i'm glad toma's still keeping busy despite how they said there's less work for singers and actors now cuz of the tohoku earthquake. yokattaaaaa. ~___~

though lots of people say the manga is boring/depressing and that yano (toma's character) is a jerk, i'm hoping the movie version will be a lot better!! and it sounds like a kinda challenging role, playing a character who is kinda mysterious/complex/flawed but still so popular and caring and sweet too. neeee!!

heehee. =P

toma's hair is pretty and cool again!!! ^^
and he looks so much like yano!!! lol.

the plot kinda sounds like hanamizuki at first, but after i read about how people say the characters are deep and the story moves slow and it's kinda depressing and sad, it makes me think of honey and clover!! and then i read a review 4 the anime here and they DID say it's similar to the style of hachikuro!! i really didn't like the bittersweet-ness and slow pace of H&C, but hopefully the movie will not be as depressing or frustrating as the manga!!


ABOUT TOMA'S CO-STAR, Yuriko Yoshitaka...
i dunno anything about her but i looked her up and seems like she's a talented actress and getting very popular!! YEY. toma keeps being paired up with popular actresses. ~____~ she looks kinda plain and older than him (but she's younger! lol.), but she does seem very nice ne...she joked about how she might have trouble kissing him cuz of his high nose. xDDDDDD

here's the announcement in the news:

Johnny’s talent Toma Ikuta and actress Yuriko Yoshitaka will play the leads in an upcoming movie adaptation of a popular romance manga series, it was revealed on May 1, reports Oricon and Chunichi Sports.

“僕等がいた (Bokura ga ita, We Were There)” is an ongoing manga series by Yuki Obata and follows a couple over 10 years of their life from the time they meet at high school, move onto university, and then go into the working world. The story moves around Hokkaido and Tokyo and follows the characters as they fall in love and experience the hardship that comes with it.
“This might be the last time I wear a school uniform (laughs). I hope I can enjoy that young, sweet high school life to the full,” Ikuta said.

Ikuta’s character Motoharu Yano is the popular boy at school; he’s smart, good-looking, and athletic. But the part to watch out for is how he is affected by his girlfriend’s death after she dies in a car accident.

“I feel thankful be able to given the chance to play such a cool, yet very human character like Yano, but I want to do my best to bring some life into him,” he said.

Ikuta’s co-star Yoshitaka said it was her first time playing a character adapted from a romance manga, and she was aware that the series has a lot of devoted fans.

“I want to do my best to make sure I don’t betray the manga’s fans or put them to shame,” she said.

Filming is scheduled to begin this month and is reported to be aiming for a two-part release in 2012.


and this is so cool...!
"Filming starts this month and ends in July, with locations in Hokkaido and Tokyo. Asmik Ace will release both of the movies in the spring of 2012, and in an unprecedented move, the second one is planned for release just a month after the first one."

and the manga is ending soon....
"The Sankei Sports newspaper reported on Monday that manga creator Yuuki Obata will end her We Were There (Bokura ga Ita) shōjo romance series at about the same time that the manga's live-action film adaptation opens in Japan next spring. The producers of the two live-action films are meeting with Obata to ensure that the manga and the films have the same ending.

The 14 volumes of the manga has sold over 10 million copies in Japan since 2002."
(some more NEWS about the movie and how fans reacted!! hehe. ^^)
[2011/05/02 VARIOUS REPORTS OF BOKURA GA ITA (3 vids in 1)]
Bokura ga Ita news clips (eng. subbed)

wish i could be an extra 4 this movie!! xD
i hope some toma fans can be extras and give us some fan reports about toma.

thanks to mizza, 1 of the most devoted toma fangirls, and my beloved friend,
for these additional links!! ^___^ *hugsss*

-this is the filming location @ kushiro

-full interview of bokuita:


omggg......yano really seems like a big jerk!!!
there are some major spoilers....O__O
but thanks to mizza, cuz i was really curious about the plot....xD

you can read the manga here. i checked it out a little...i like the drawing style!! really cute! but it does seem kinda boring and slow. lol. (here's 1 page from it:

but yano and nanami look sooooo cute. and yano looks so cool too! i love nanami's in a bun like that. kawaiiii neeeeee. *^-^*


........................TOMA'S PICTURES♥
[Credit : king_kun,, Yuzakilibra@lj, curry4toma, xq,,,]

(remember, u can get the full size pics at the ikuta_toma LJ or toma gallery...)

this month's toma photo shoots were pretty nice ne!! his hair is still kinda plain, though. i love the BRIGHT and COLORFUL potato pics...toma with a tie!! and his jacket has some very nice and classy-looking pins n stuff. the kinda cozy home-y bright/white myojo pics are so nice too. kakkoiiii. ^^ i miss seeing toma in vests. it really suits him ne! and i like the DARK cool winkup pic too. and the ENAMOURED word really describes how we feel about toma so well!! xD

(thefreedictionary's definition:
in love with, taken with, charmed by, fascinated by, entranced by, fond of, enchanted by, captivated by, enthralled by, smitten with, besotted with, bewitched by, crazy about (informal), infatuated with, enraptured by, wild about (informal), swept off your feet by ♥♥♥♥)

some of these pics...i'm not sure if they're from last yr or not (cuz i got them from tumblr). the bunch of funny faces one might be. THE BLACK AND WHITE ONES ARE DEFINITELY FROM LAST YEAR!! @_@ i dunno...i guess some1 just finally scanned them? cuz that pic of him with the word FACE, i've seen some1 post it up at the toma facebook page since may 2010!! AND WHEN I SAW THE CLOSE UP VERSION OF THE PIC RECENTLY, I REMEMBERED!!! O__O it's such a cool photo shoot...i hope we can see all the pics soon!

oh, i love that pic of him sitting on stage alone studying his lines for the butai from a few months ago. sooooooo cool. it's tough being an actor ne....

oh, thanks so much, mizza, for sending me the HQ pics of the genji flyer!!!!!♥♥
*hugs again!*

also, i saw this old hachikuro pic, toma as takemoto-kun at the dedicatetotoma tumblr, i think. ~_____~ kawaiiiiii ne!!! i'm glad he can play a high school student at least once more. i love seeing boyish toma. hehe.

and...awww!! toma in LOVE & PEACE. he was sooooo little and cute!! u can see more promo pics for the drama at!

............. (summary of) TOMA'S MESSAGES:
(from may 2 and may 9. credit: troom, jessica, sussie. you can read the full messages at, but the posts are member-locked.)

toma listened to ozaki's songs while on the train. he loves hide, ozaki, and hiroto's music the most. he wonders what music everyone likes...

yoko turned 30! but he is still the same. "Hope that no matter what age you are, you’ll always be the same YOKO. Yoko Happy B’day.." and he wants to work with him sometime. ~__~

...............COOL TOMA LJ stuff:
aiek08 started a new toma community!!!! ~__~
remember 2 join ne.
TRANSLATION REQUEST: RUMOR BOUT TOMAPI WENT TO THE NIGHT CLUB + DRINK & DRUNK? o___O [there was a rumor about toma, yamapi, and some other ppl partying in okinawa soon after they took part in the Marching J event. it's probably made up!!]

[short video clip of toma talking about his recent projects i think?]
[toma fans react to the news of toma's new movie Bokura Ga Ita!! ^_^]
[CST][ENG] Kyukei no Koya SP EP01

...................toma's room things:
[PREVIEW OF GENJI MONOGATARI FLYER. first look at the poster!]
[news about toma's new movie bokura ga ita + fans' reaction 2 it. ^_^]

..................RANDOM TOMA STUFF:

(takemoto-kun! nostalgic!!!)

--summary of the RESULTS OF THE AN AN POLLS:

1. in the an an photoshoot,
which part of toma's body is the most sexy?? his...

1) face
2) cool, messy hair xD
3) arms/shoulders
4) tie between abs and back

i didn't expect ppl to vote so much for his sexy face!! xD i did this poll at toma's room and his abs got the most votes. as expected. xD but i do LOVE his sekushi arms and shoulders so much too. hehe.

2. did you buy toma's an an magazine?

yesss! ^^
2 (7%)

4 (14%)

i couldn't....=(
21 (77%)

i didn't think so many people wanted to buy it but couldn't!!! luckily i live near a J bookstore and it didn't sell out super fast. but i guess it sold out super fast on9 or a lot of you couldn't buy it cuz it would be embarrassing if your parents or other ppl find out about it right? hehe.

[cute toma's characters fan art. xD]

--i saw this at tumblr. ~____~ and i feel the same way.
it's fine if he doesn't know who i am. i'm proud to be his fan:



I was wondering, if you really know how to operate a notebook, do you actually could read all of post from your fans all over the world? Do you realize my existance?

He can, I believe.. U tube freaks lol

Even if he doesnt feel my existence, being one of his fans if something I can proud of =))

mood: giddy
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ultraviolet_p1 said...

Since the new movie is 2 part, I wonder is it going to be really jam packed with stuff from the manga, or else, why they couldn't fit in one.

I mean, that is good, since it just means two movies for Toma, but I hope it won't be dragging since it's a love story, and as you wrote it may not be all love and romantic (like the Nodame Cantabile ones, they're sweet and funny and slightly dramatic).
But he got a new movie! And he is the good looking one too. Great for ongoing projects. Now we'll have to wait for a winter or spring drama next year.

So you still keep your ANAN under your bed. It seems more obvious if your parents found it, cos it's really hidden. Maybe just squeeze it between a whole lot of magz (but it could get squished, creased or thrown away by mistake). Oh, so that isn't a good idea. It's a rare shoot, erm, do they ever repeat celebrities again?

kate♥toma said...

i guess they'll pick the most important parts from the manga. i think it'll definitely be draggy, cuz the manga's style is slow. lol. but YEY for a new toma movie!! YEY again that he's the most pretty! xD (though i wish she was prettier to match with toma!) hai...i wonder when his next drama will be. i hope he can be the lead for his next drama!

huh? i never said i kept my Anan under my bed. xD in my fic, i said i keep it with my magazines. but it's actually pretty big and wouldn stand out in a bunch of magazines. i keep it on my shelf, behind a bunch of books and other stuff, inside a not-see-through bag. umm...i don't think they repeat them. everyone just does 1 sexy photoshoot. if they come back, it's just a regular photoshoot. xD

ultraviolet_p1 said...

Oh, sorry, I thought (well, last year), I read you had to hide or stashed it under your bed (or maybe when you first got it and just threw it under there before you looked at it.. ah can't remember). Oh, well, you got your good space. I was just curious where you'd put it (or still had it).

I never seen Yuriko before. She looks kinda sweet. But I guess, with alot of Toma's co-star, I get to know them a little more as we followabout the new movie (or recognize more in other shows in future), like Maki, Satomi, Gakky, Higa (Kaori), Ai Kato (White-san), etc, etc. I think it's OK that Toma will be popular and good looking in the movie - even more than the female star. Wasn't Sae supposed to be the pretty girl in school. I just wanted Toma to play the gorgeous one, one time ^-^.

I would like to see Toma work with actresses such as Haruka Ayase or Meisa Kuroki. Haruka is pretty and also very cute, she look like a fun female lead in a fun romantic drama. Meisa is what I call the cool beauty. Although she sometimes seem older in age (I had thought older than Haruka), but she is only 23 (well, that is what dramawiki had). She can be a tough and cool or bit softer, and so just thought Toma should have a chance to work with her too.

kate♥toma said...

hehe....of course i still have my magazine!! xD i haven't looked at it in a super long time, but i still have it.

yep...i looked up some general info about her only. i recently found out by accident that she did some racy love scenes and was naked a lot in her first starring role in a movie though. >_< so i don't really like her right now. lol.

yes, i like toma in roles where he's the popular/handsome guy!! like nakatsu or unubore. ^^

really? i don't know much about them, but i hope toma can work with a lot of different actresses, of different ages and images. ^^

ultraviolet_p1 said...

Oh, yes, I know you would still have the magazine. I had meant, where you had put it (or whether you had still kept it in the same place)... missing bad. XD