Monday, May 9, 2011

my HANAMIZ comments + screencaps...

i watched hanamizuki!! =)

it was just ok. =(

i didn't think it would be a super awesome movie, but i was still so~ disappointed after watching it. =T i knew it would be bittersweet (just look at the poster! lol.) but there was too much bitter and not enough sweet! it ended up making me kinda depressed. ^^;

there's a lot of beautiful scenary (i love hokkaido and lighthouses!) and moments in the movie, but the plot was so predictable and full of cliches. (it doesn't help that the trailer gives away pretty much the whole story!!) toma and gakky were cute and they made a cute couple but their characters were pretty boring and i felt they both could have done more to fight for their love!!

i guess my favorite part in the whole movie is when kohei said goodbye to sae from the boat. they were shouting, crying, and they kept waving and waving!! aww....that was so sweet. ^^

ano...i thought hanamizuki would be my favorite toma movie from 2010, but i guess that might be ningen shikkaku. i gotta watch it soon!! i'm sorry if i upset anyone....this is just how i feel. i know lots of people love the movie, but....i didn't like it that much. =T don't get me wrong, everyone's acting was awesome, especially the crying was so touching. it's just that for me, the story was not so good ne.....'s a bunch of my comments about the movie. and screencaps i got.
(no spoilers until the end!)

-i love sae's house and the hanamiz tree. ^^

-toma is soooooo COOL when he's doing tough fisherman tasks on the boat. and i love when he rolls up his sleeves. hehe...kakkoii!!!!

-i feel sorry for deer-chan that was hit by the train accidentally. =,(

-sae's mom is cool! xD
mukai's character is SOOOOOO typical "free thinker" guy.

-kohei is cute when he's kinda mad/jealous. xD he totally seems more childish (pouty toma!! *_*) and he definitely loves sae more that she loves him.

-the timeline...1996 to 2006. they had 2 make it that way so 9/11 could fit in the storyline. cuz the song hanamizuki was written because of 9/11, right? (i don't see the connection, but it was.) so it was kinda nostalgic, like the time before everyone had cell phones and internet. but it also made it hard for them to keep in touch and maintain a long distance relationship. =[

-i wish they showed more scenes of how toma and gakky happily kept in touch. though their long distance relationship lasted around 4 years, it seemed super fast cuz they didn't show them interacting that much!! T__T they should have had a montage of them over the years, talking on the phone or visiting or writing/receiving letters.

-i know gakky worked hard to learn english for her lines, but REALLY. i wish they didn't have so many scenes of her speaking english!! @__@ it really sounded strange!!

-i love the charming little seaport town gakky visits in nova scotia! so quaint. ^^

***** SPOILER-y comments below! *******

-the kisses!!
the lighthouse kiss was sweet, but their expressions seemed too serious right be4 he kissed her. lol. BUT IT WAS REALLY SWEET HOW HE PUT HER HAND IN HIS POCKET. i just don't like how gakky still seemed SO super shy and oblivious right then. lol. i guess it's supposed to be cute/innocent but it made things SO AWKWARD!!! the other 2 passionate kisses in the movie were hot, but kinda awkward. especially with the other girl. lol. but good for toma, he really tried his best!! xD BUT sae should have really wipe away kohei's blood be4 kissing him passionately. O_O (I WOULD HAVE, ANYWAY!! HAHA. "wait, let me get this first!" xD)

-i wonder if they only cuddled or did more stuff that night!! fufufu...i was kinda surprised that they implied that they made love that night!! especially after they had that fight. and sae didn't seem like she missed him that much. SHE DIDN'T EVEN SEEM THAT HAPPY THAT HE SHOWED UP!

-WHY couldn't they try 2 maintain a long distance relationship even though gakky had to leave the country? they could still write and call each other. was it like they couldn't handle being apart anymore? they still should have tried 2 keep it going as long as they can, right????? =T

-what made me really mad was that they wouldn't even be together in the end if the ppl they were with didn't leave them (and if kohei didn't leave the boat in the bar)!!! T____T if they really loved each other, they would find a way to get together on their own!!

-kohei is an idiot for drunkenly hooking up with that girl and then marrying her!! T___T and sae is also stupid for agreeing to marry that guy even though she didn't even like him that much!!! T____T

-i know the part that they hugged that night under the hanamiz tree was supposed to be sweet, but it just made me mad that they wanna be together but they can't, cuz of the stupid decisions they made, and now they're not even gonna try 2 undo it and are fine with living the rest of their lives with people they barely like. @___________@ ARGGH!! SO FRUSTRATING AND STUPID!!!!!!!!!! T____________T

-i thought the hanamizuki petals flying by in canada when she found the boat was SOOO corny though. lollllll. UNNECESSARY. and too MAGICAL-ish.

-but it was really cool, how they were finally reunited because of that boat he made for her. awww.... ~_____~


ultraviolet_p1 said...

I actually didn't like Sae that much. She doesn't seem to be on the same 'love' level as Kohei. As you said; he loved her more than she did. Even when they were younger, it could seem that they can't handle 'life' together as they seem to be quite different, in goals, lifestyle (although they got better when older), as in that scene when she thinks she was going to fail exam and took it out at him in the train. I was glad that he got off the train, as I was cross. If she hadn't gotten off as well ~I would dislike her even more..hehe.

And, I couldn't see the love between Sae and the photographer (forgot his name); like it seemed that he liked her b/c she was just there. Hahah, seems so critical of movie, nah, just nit picky some parts. I also think the photographer should have been better liking someone else.

I side more with Kohei (and not b/c he was played by Toma), because Sae isn't a sympathetic heroine at all.

Toma's phone scene when his dad died was really good. I hope the next romantic movie will be not so sad or so, I kinda miss a happy rom-com.

kate♥toma said...

sae is the main character, but she's really not that likable! =T i totally agree about how they don't seem like they would get along in the long run because they're so different.

that scene. lol. yeah, she was so mean to him! if i were him, i'd get off too.

yeah...the photographer guy. their love story was so short. it would have been better if they were just friends.

the phone scene was really sad. >__< it was so not his fault that his dad died.

haiiiii. i really want toma in a happy romantic movie!! O_O

Kasha said...

It's ok you feel this way about the movie. Moreover you have right to write it. Personally I haven't watched the whole movie yet, although I tried a couple of times :P I guess just because I feel I'm not ready to end depressed. In fact I miss Toma's comedy series/movies. Now he acts such a demanding and serious roles. Comedy would be sth refreshing desu ne?

kate♥toma said...

hi kasha!
yeah...just that so many people said they love the movie, so i felt kinda bad that i didn't like it...

ohh...haha. i know what you mean! but you should still watch it, there are some really sweet moments and the scenary is really beautiful. ~_~

yessss! me too. i miss his funny drama roles. he was funny in unubore, at least. but his role was so small.