Monday, February 15, 2016


OH MY GOD!!!!!!!
i'm so happy for toma that he got to work with his friends on this PV. this is the closest we can get to him joining arashi, i guess. lol. must have been so much fun for them to work together. i can't wait to see behind-the-scenes clips or pics or stories that they'll tell about the filming! hahaha...

thanks to pknumba1 for this news. go to her post at toma's room, HERE, to watch some video clips!! also, you can search for the ikuta toma tag at instagram to see some video clips too, in case these clips on youtube are deleted later.

not much happening in the fandom, but i know that his movie, Mogura No Uta is getting a sequel! wow. and Yokukuhan has been english subbed, but you need to login at Toma's Room and check the recent posts to get it. i think i might watch it soon! ~_~