Wednesday, March 5, 2014

no time to fangirl recently.... -___- here's some quick updates! =)

hey everyone...
there's been a ton of new toma stuff in february and i just couldn't keep up with all of it!!! i guess i'll just have to pick the interviews i like best (or have been subbed) and watch it later. wow.... will definitely watch the vs arashi one, though. haha. 

i'm really behind in all kinds of stuff, so i won't be posting any updates here unless there's something really BIG, HUGE NEWS about toma. which there isn't right now. oh, his movie did really well at the box office for the first weekend, at least!! despite bad weather (snow??). so that's great news! 

also, filming for the MIRACLE xmas movie (with aiba, eikura, and that korean actress) has finished! i hope it'll be a good movie. well, we'll find out when it's released during the fall or winter this year. =)

so here's what i have to share with you this time....

~GO TO TOMA'S ROOM AND LOG IN (join the community if you haven't). there's a lot of toma videos and scans and stuff!!!! also, go to my tumblr page. i haven't reblogged toma stuff recently, but i'll try to really soon!!

~a lot of old Tomalicious videos' links have expired, so me and some other generous, super nice fans re-uploaded a bunch of them!!! yey!!! 51 out of 59 missing videos were re-uploaded!!! yeyyyy!!! get them if you haven't or if you want to watch them again. ~___~

(credit: myjhersey17)

oh my god!!!!! it looks like toma's singing at a concert. but he's singing an enka song (that he sang for his movie's credits part) at a Mogura No Uta box office celebration event. it still looks cool, though. you can get the subbed video here: honestly, i think toma's singing here is just ok. lol. but it's always fun to see toma singing, even if he doesn't sing that well. haha. xD

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