Friday, May 31, 2013

updates on Mogura No Uta, his butai Kamome, and Unubore 5 reunion at a wedding!! lol. ^_^

it's may 31~ 
i made it! haha. well, again, nothing much happened in the toma fandom this month, so i was able to gather things for this post quite quickly. may was not a good month for me and not for the toma fandom either... here's to hoping june will be much better and not too hot yet. wow. summer is here, right? i am not looking forward to the uncomfortable hot weather. =( though we're already lucky that in california, it doesn't usually get crazy hot, but still, it gets pretty hot! O_O

this is not toma-related, but i have been watching some old japanese dramas lately. hehe. here's a list of the ones i have watched or want to watch:

i finally finished watching the GENJI movie with subs and wrote up a review and there are some nice screencaps, too!! in case any of you are interested, go here to read it. =) please comment if you read it! thanks! xD i actually liked the movie more when i couldn't understand what they were saying, i think? lol. 

.................................. toma news, links, etc. from May ♥

............... toma's messages♥
(i'll just talk about some of the interesting things toma said in his jweb here, but remember if you want to read his full messages, go to! ~_~)

vol.531 (may 2):
toma mentions that the DVD of Osozaki no Himiwari has been released. and he wonders why it's so cold during May.

vol.532 (may 14):
he went to see a Slipknot concert and had a crazy fun time! he is trying to do things he has never done before. he encourages everyone to do the same, even if it's something as simple as listening to different music. =)

vol.533 (may 16):
because of kaname jun's wedding, the Unubore 5 guys were together again. they talked about conceited things. xD congratulations to kaname-kun and his drama's cast. (read what kaname jun wrote about the reunion at his twitter + news about his marriage here:

..................... Kamome (The Seagull) stuff:

here's a picture of the flyer. it doesn't make me any more excited about the play, but i guess it's a nice old-looking flyer and at least now we know what toma's character will look like. and how the others will look like too. hmm...

................. Mogura No Uta stuff:
some promo pics and video clips were released! hahaha... he still looks cute. xD despite his weird clothes and and hair. FINALLY SOME NEW PICS AND VIDEO CLIPs OF TOMA!! this movie should be…interesting. it’s seems very wacky and very manga-ish!!

(credit: chenjiajing)

some video clips of filming for the movie:

more pics and stuff here:

..................... Toma subbed video clips ^_^
TFGirls have subbed a few more toma video clips! :) i was the editor for the Zero Culture clip! hehe... ^.^

#30 janiben (february 13th, 2013)
#31 zip! 1,000 yen buyers (january 1st, 2013)
#32 zero culture (february 11th, 2013)


...................... random toma stuff ~_~
a longer video clip of the entire time (9 minutes) that toma was singing at yamashita's concert back in 2009!! thanks to kavya for sharing the clip with me, i have never seen the whole clip! ~_~

--2 random polls japanese ppl took, where toma was included in the rankings.
Johnny’s who seem to be mentally strong and Ideal Boyfriend:

.......... my favorite toma pictures from May ♥
(copy the link to see the full-size pics! IF YOU WANT TO SEE THE OTHER PICS FROM EACH PHOTOSHOOT, GO HERE:

ONLY 1 THIS TIME!!! sighhhhhh...

(credit: tomalove1007)

...................... my favorite toma gifs from tumblr ♥

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