Tuesday, March 15, 2011

please pray for japan!!! =,(

(credit: http://www.flickr.com/photos/wangstrong/5517209525/)

hi everyone~
it's been so long since my last update because there was nothing much 2 talk about and then the earthquake happened in japan and i've been watching/reading the news non-stop...but i will update very soon.

meanwhile.....some links for you...

AND PLS TAKE PART IN THIS! (deadline probably this wed or fri)
A PROJECT SOME1 STARTED WHERE SHE'LL GATHER PICS/VIDEOS OF PPL HOLDING SIGNS SAYING PRAY 4 JAPAN OR SOMETHING...and she'll make a video of it with a song and post it to youtube!!! and every1 can link 2 it and hopefully ppl in japan will see it!

this is my post about when i found out about the earthquake:

to be continued....

(btw, go here to read the all the comments from people all over the world
after the big earthquake first happened on friday:


FOR UPDATES AND NEWS on the situation in japan,
you can check BBC or the twitter pages of some ppl living in tokyo:


PLEASE DONATE $$$ to help japan!!
the easiest way is to text REDCROSS to 90999,
and you can instantly donate US$10. for other ways to donate, go here:


ALSO, you can send messages to the emergency workers, students in japan to give them hope here: http://hopeletters.wordpress.com/
(thanks to anonymous 4 the link!)

(this is the message i wrote a few days ago, for everyone in japan!)

i'm really afraid for the people in japan!!
i always dream of going there, and it's such an amazing, beautiful country, but now...the videos, pictures, and continuous bad news coming from japan are just unbelievable and very sad. it just makes me wanna cry. =,(

luckily toma was really far away from the earthquake (he's still in osaka cuz of his plays), but if something terrible happens at the nuclear power plant, many people in japan and even other countries nearby could be harmed. it's so frustrating to see that the situation gets worse everyday, but no one can really do anything about it. but i'm still hoping for a miracle...

so many of us all over the world are praying for japan! i hope toma and his family and friends and all toma fans and everyone in japan will be ok!!! please be strong and be safe!!

i'm sure everyone has been waiting for toma's message...well, this is what he said just yesterday! toma's been performing as usual even though all these disasters have been going on in northern japan and tokyo...i checked the schedule, and toma had a 7pm show on mar.11, so he was probably rehearsing for it when the earthquake happened...

(thanks to strawberry_gemm for posting and tika_veilan for translating! u can see the original message [+comments from relieved fans] from toma's page at the johnnys website posted here: http://community.livejournal.com/ikuta_toma/672046.html)

Message from Toma Ikuta (March 15, 2011)

There was a big earthquake and there are many people who suffered from it.
Everyone, are you alright?

I'm very worried.

Every time I watch TV or read newspapers, my heart aches.

I'm in Osaka for my stage play so I haven't suffered any injures.

For people who were worried about me, thank you so much.

For now the only thing I can do is to put my best into my performances.

I think everyone who comes to the theater to see us perform has a lot on their mind.
Maybe there are also people who can't come due to some circumstances.

For those people too,

I will put everything I have into my performance!

This is the most important thing I can do right now!

With this thought I will stand on the stage every day.

Everyone, if only to cheer you up a little bit, I want to continue to do my best until the final performance.

Right now, there are many regions where conservation of energy is necessary.
Everyone, if we cooperate we definitely can help others.
Gathering our strength, all together lets overcome this difficult time.

From the bottom of my heart I wish all of you, your family and friends are safe.

Ikuta Toma

............toma's pictures
(credit 4 all pics: mizza, troom, king-kun, shatteredtenshi, moon-angel, strawberry_gemm, http://fuckyeahtoma.tumblr.com/, http://dedicatetotoma.tumblr.com/)

btw, http://dedicatetotoma.tumblr.com/ has a lot of awesome toma pics and gifs!!! ^_____^ i've added it to the LINKs section on the right side.

the pic of toma and the crane was taken be4 the earthquake of course, but it seems so appropriate for now...=T umm...cuz of his long hair, in winkup pics (the v-neck sweater) he looks SO MUCH like jun!! lol. the ONE PIECE cosplay pics are soooo cool!! =P toma's fav manga. he must have been so happy 2 do that photoshoot! yamapi did it too!

(EDIT: oops, i didn't know mizza posted these pics up!
toma looks so lovely in the blue and pink dresses....hehe.

credit: mizza, http://www.raw-photo.net/58_3179.html and http://www.raw-photo.net/58_3178.html.
u can see some more pics at mizza's blog: http://musixofmalife.blogspot.com/2011/03/mishima-double-photo-collections.html)

..........summary of toma's messages from the end of feb.-start of march:
(credit: mizza, jessica, troom. for the full messages, go to toma's room -the posts are members locked though-)

he enjoys performing everyday. he'll take care of himself. sorry for the boring entry... there was a happy ending to the tokyo shows. toma thanks everyone who came to see them at the theatre and also those who could not come. he says performing at the Cocoon theatre is one of his "precious experiences". for the last hitler show, 10 of his actor friends and sempais showed up to watch! toma was really happy and energized because of their presence, though it felt like a fantasy for him. =P of course, hanamizuki is now on dvd and bluray, he really likes this movie, so please support.

..............................................hanamiz kisses!!

MANY MANY THANKS to rae_el for sharing these gifs with me. it's 2 passionate kissing scenes from hanamiz! uwaaaaaaaa....*blush* toma should do more passionate kissing scenes!! fufu..


..............cool LJ toma stuff:

01-03'11 - Vitz Commercial 30seg. (cont.4)
(this CM is so cute....~_______^)

Current Stage Plays' Length?! [fans talk about how long (and boring, when toma's not on stage. lol.) toma's plays are]

Hanamizuki DVD Booklet Scans and Picture Preview!

Download: Hanamizuki . 2010 Movie, no subs. (locked in a week, but if u join http://community.livejournal.com/ourhour/, you'll be able to see the post even after 1 wk!)

JFC's official message, saying all their artists are ok.

--------------------- from TOMA'S ROOM:

random stuff......ai_zutto, genji's website?, & hanamiz promotion =D

NEW GAME: WHERE IS TOMA????? ~_~ [i totally thought a lot more ppl would play, but oh welll...=T i'll try 2 remember 2 post the results soon...]

TOMA'S ROOM MONTHLY WINNERS for February! (CONGRATS, TOMADAISUKI, RAE_EL, AND PURE08STARLIGHT!! HEHE. i spent some time making that graphic 4 you girls...xD)

the cute/cool GENJI MANGA and HANAMIZ DVD released!!

Pray for Toma, his family and for all Japan... (akemi-chan posted up Psalm 91, for protection)

(some of my fav parts from the genji manga. go to the toma's room post about it 4 more info and links to see more of the manga!)

go here to make one of these cool-looking text thingys! it works for most blogs, i think.


Moko said...

Thank you so much Kate for all your hard work you have done so far. And all the love that you spread through your Blogging. I'm a fan of yours and I know how hard blogging can be.
So thanks and be blessed.
mfg moko from germany
PS: I'm in. I'm praying for Japan

kate♥toma said...

awww. ~___~
thank you, moko! your comment really made my day. it's nice to be appreciated. *_* yepp...your blog looks very nice too! gambatte ne~~

ur very welcome and may God bless u too! ahh...cool! i rarely get comments from ppl in europe. =P

thank u thank u 4 praying for japan! <3

Moko said...

Then I guess I should comment more ;)

kate♥toma said...

that would be awesome! =^-^=
thanks, moko!!

Moko said...

Hey Kate I found some great stuff. Higashiyama, the guy who did the Butai with Toma was on Arashis show:


and they have this great commercial at the ending of it for the butai...isn't it already over? the butai?

MFG moko

kate♥toma said...


i think this episode was from january, that's why. yep, the butai ended on mar. 20. thanks 4 the link, though. =)

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