Thursday, December 16, 2010

MERRY XMAS, EVERY1!! ^o^ ....genji monogatari sennenki (the anime)....

just a quick update right now cuz i haven't
finished gathering all the toma stuff to update. xD




i hope everyone will have a very awesome xmas and a happy new year, too.♥ (this has nothing 2 do with toma, but i just love the xmas version of psych's opening so much!! *-*)

by the way, i had a kinda secret santa thing going on at toma's can post nice things you want to say to me or mizza or toma or other toma fangirls...please go there to post or check out the messages. some1 wrote a message FOR toma AND all his fans, so you should at least read that. hehe.

(credit: xq)

a nice little christmas present for all toma fans...his new CM!! for toyota's vitz. *___* to watch it, please go to the toma's room LJ or the toma LJ to watch it.

and at a promotional event for of the cutest toma + a little girl moments everrr!!! ^////^ awwwwwwww!!! a little kiss for him for xmas!! kawaii!!! i dunno why toma seems to work with little girls a for his dramas/movies (maou, majosai, ningen). for photoshoots sometimes...and now in this CM!!!'d be nice to see him as an older brother sometime in a drama/movie...with a really younger sister. ~___~


i will update this post with
some other toma stuff later in the coming week...^^



new winter banner!!
hope u like it. xD

(i used the same one f/last yr for dear toma. hehe)

and new toma pics!♥

(credit: king-kun, mizza.
potato and duet. gomen, i don't like his winkup pics that much so not posting it here. hehe. he looks kinda like 70s-ish in those pics. =T awww!! toma looks so KAKKOII in the potato pics!!!! omgggg. so hot. and i always love cozy looking toma pics, but his hair...i don't like his bangs too long and covering his forehead too much/swept to the side too much. =T)

(credit: the genji links below. xD) well....i was curious about how toma's genji movie might be like, so i looked for info about the older movies about the novel. but i didn't find much. except there was a movie where the role of genji was played by a woman!! wow.

but i found a site that review the anime genji monogatari sennenki, which was released just last year. seems pretty good!! it's a really beautiful, colorful, surreal, sexy world. there's a lot of pretty moments, where they show the rain falling or the clouds drifting past the moon, can get an idea of what it's like when you watch this video here (also, some romantic moments when genji is with his lovers):
the shining prince (i love the song!! ~__~)

if u want to watch the anime, you can do so here and it's subbed (in english) too!! there are 11 episodes in all.

of course, the anime changes the story a lot so that genji doesn't seem like such a bad guy...whew! i guess toma's movie will be like that too. =) i guess i'll be ok with the movie if toma's genji is kinda like the genji in this anime.

i watched some of the love scenes in this anime....fufufu. it's really sexy...their robes drop...they kiss...sometimes the woman is moaning happily as genji pleasures her and you see them almost all naked!!! seems like all the women want him so bad and some seduce him! lol. but......aiyaaaaaaa. i really hope toma's love scenes in the movie will not be too sexy and hot. i'd get crazy jealous!! and also feel embarrassed for toma!! o___o

"Still, this definitely is one of the more unique harems I’ve seen, even though the story is 1000 years old by now. With Genji, you can see that the guy is a player, rather than a clueless harem lead. In the Tale of Genji, girls don’t flock to Genji, but Genji flocks to the girls, seduces them and then moves on again. This episode also showed that he really isn’t aware of the pain he brings to all of his victims. This whole love-thing is simply a game for him, and while he genuinely cares about the women he meets, he doesn’t try to take their own feelings into account at all. I think that that’s because he was raised as a prince and all. Japan’s emperors in ancient times have always had a reputation of being rather screwed in the head."

(credit: this person posted a lot of screencaps with the review for each episode.^^)

i'll add more to this post the next time i post......
ja ne! ^^ (this is a cute gakky icon i found. hehe.
got it from some1 at


rae_el said...

Woww ~~ I juz want 2 post bout Ningen anime ver,, n suddenly u came up w/ Genji anime Senpai..

Maybe ill mix em vo ma next post,, if thats ok w/ U ^^

rae_el said...

N 2 tell u 1 more thing (gomen i forgot)..hhehe

I SOOOOO <3 <3 <3 HIS LONG HAIR/BANG !! Longer better.. Buahhahahahah (xory spamming =__=)

kate♥toma said...


hounto?? xD

of course it's okie! hehe. u don't have to ask me, just credit me if u quote me or something.

ohhhh. souka souka.
hehe. then good 4 u, toma's hair keeps getting longer. =P

Maybe_CanBe said...

Wow, i really want to see that anime ö_ö
Thanks for sharing, cause i didn´t known about an anime of "Genji no monogatari" :D

Uaww..i´m really curios about the movie now..Toma in such kind of lovescenes..? *___*
I´m looking forward to it xD

Lovely greez

kate☂ said...

ur welcome, may!^^
genji has been made into a lot of movies, manga, anime. hehe.

yep, i guess the love scenes in this movie will probably be hot. >/////< omggg....toma as a hot hot lover!! kyaaaa!! do want.

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